Tinder site and app at it’s core is a great mobile application idea that makes it easy to meet people on the basis of geographic proximity and mutual attraction. Tinder app geo-localizes the girls and boys near you, with whom you can then communicate. Tinder, an indispensable part of the mobile dating world.

Tinder is easy to use

This dating app is similar to Hot or Not, members can simply rate people in their area to see if there is a mutual match.

Large number of users

While Tinder is one of the new online dating sites (founded in 2012), it has quickly gained popularity among users of all ages. To date, the application meets to realize more than 9 billion appointments. Many people consider the app as a “sex dating app. But Tinder’s website displays stories of relationships and marriages … Basically this application can be used for any type of appointment: “Friends, serious relationship, relationships and everything else.”

Tinder mobile dating site

A new update from Tinder offers better recommendations. Now, instead of random users on your profile, the application tries to show you the matches that you think you’ll like (based on the previous visit history, and what you have in common).

You must have a Facebook account to use Tinder

Tinder requires an active Facebook account to login. This is the only verification process that the application uses. In general, they do not perform any other checks. The application create a profile without the information from your Facebook account. The application defines a minimum radius around the location of each user and a maximum radius of 150 KM.

Millions around the world today uses Tinder. Let’s find out everything about this encounter.

Why choose Tinder?

Tinder is part of the dating apps to find the person of your choice without moving. The application is based on geolocation, a technology that facilitates close searches just like Badoo.

What is Tinder’s concept?

All the meetings on Tinder are filtered by the geolocation system. In order to find the person of your choice, you only have to log on to the application, create your account by specifying your location, people located in the same region are most likely to meet with each other.

Tinder desktop online dating

Two types of profile are available, the first a free profile with a limitation to the level I like, and a paid profile, Tinder Plus, an option for anyone wanting to benefit from the unlimited in I love.

Tinder Plus offers users the ability to view profiles of members from other countries.

Tinder it’s a match!

On the operating side, the Tinder application is quite simple. Each time you log on to your profile, the application offers you a multitude of profiles that can match you. These profiles are based on the region in which you live, your interests and your likes.

If you like a profile, then you swipe right, otherwise you swipe left until you come across a profile that you really like.

If the person in front swings your profile to the right, Tinder puts you in touch and you can then start talking.

What are the special features of Tinder?

The application is available for free and fits perfectly to Android and IOS, it is also possible to download the compatible application for the computer.

This application is fairly simple to use and effective, it offers millions of profiles, you only have to choose the profile that corresponds to you and with a little luck, you will surely fall on the right person.

What are Tinder Tools?

Tinder is a revolutionary site in terms of meeting on the net, the application offers an exceptional facility of use in particular in like and messaging, the contact between the persons registered on the site is original.

tinder free match

Tinder is increasingly used as a free meeting solution that promotes the connection of people in the same place.

Messaging is quite simple and flirts are easy, you just have to create your account and go to discover the members of the site. You will surely find what you are looking for.

Tinder is the star application of the encounter on smartphone. An easy-to-access platform, based on geographical proximity and reciprocal attraction. Tinder is an application focused on fun encounters, whether heterosexual or gay. However, everyone will be able to find one of the many profiles on the site.

How the application works

The application Tinder and available on just about any platform, from Android to IPhone to Blackberry. On Android for example, the download is done quickly via the PlayStore. The application then launches in a fairly simple way. Tinder has a particularity: it only launches with Facebook. The first page that opens invites us to identify with our Facebook account. It’s quick and easy.

tinder for pc free dating

The other important facet of Tinder is his relative gratuitousness. Indeed, the creation of the profile, the geographical search are totally free. On the other hand, the number of “matches”, that is to say attraction to a profile, is limited to 50 per day. Other features (cancellation of the swipe, option “passport”) are also chargeable, but you will be able to make meetings by limiting yourself to the basic version.

Creating the Profile

When you first arrive at Tinder, a page like this appears:

Confirmation with the Facebook account is mandatory, to deter false profiles and other glaucous accounts. But no worries, Tinder does not publish anything on your newspaper.

Subsequently, the application questions us about our genre, before updating the information from the FB page. A default profile is then created. Tinder will create this basic profile (which can then be modified as desired) by presenting four elements:

  •     The first name (Facebook name).
  •     The age.
  •     Tinder will then load the last 4 profile photos.
  •     It will also present to users your interests, always inspired by your Facebook page.

Here, your basic profile is now created, and you can change it at any time. With Tinder, you will be able to change your photos or to add them (within the limit of 6 photos).

You will also be able to complete your profile with other information, including:

  • The section “A propos de vous”: you will be able to complete it by indicating who you are, what you are looking for, your passions in life ..
  • .You can also specify your job
  • Your academic career
  • You can also link your TINDER account to SPOTIFY and INSTAGRAM

The different tools of the application

Tinder relies essentially on a simple and effective matching system. On this application, no blabla. The geographical location of Tinder offers you profiles of girls or boys near you. By pressing once on the main photo of the person, you will have access to his profile.

tinder site for PC

But the majority use of Tinder is done in the form of Swap, that is to say sweeping with the finger. To make it simple, if the profile you like, you sweep it with your finger on the right of the screen. If the profile does not suit you, you make the same gesture, this time to the left.

You will repeat this operation a lot of times, depending on the amount of profiles present on the site. The interest being to get a “match”: one of the people you selected you also chose, sliding your profile to the right. Once this attraction is achieved, you can then discuss with your “match” and why not later, meet him.

Tinder is completely functional in free mode, unlike closed applications requiring a checkout by men as on AdopteUnMec mobile but also the application of Gleeden.

Paid options on Tinder.

The options for free Tinder are quite limited, by the nature of the application. Using Tinder, it is above all to drag profiles to the right or left, to get a “match”. However, you can set:

  • The maximum geolocation distance of the profiles
  • The age of profiles you would like to appear

With Tinder you will also be able to subscribe to a paid version called Tinder Plus. With this interface, you will have access to several options:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Unlimited super like
  • The possibility to return to a swap: if you have selected a profile but want to reverse this decision

The opportunity to expand your search area to another city. Ideal to “prepare the ground” before leaving or settling somewhere.

Ease of use

If there is one thing that defines Tinder, it is simplicity. Easy to use, the application is as ergonomic as possible, with an ultra simple rules interface. The swap, that is to say the sliding of the finger to the right or the left, has become the trademark of the Tinder brand, and has built its reputation throughout the world.

In addition, making contact on the application is relatively easy, and the members with whom you have a “match” often respond to your messages.